Plans from the XXth century PDF

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Plans from the XXth century: From 1850 till today is a gaming aid aimed to make the GM's life easier, presenting a collection of places usually visited during an investigation, action or horror scenario. From the simple hotel room where to look for clues, to the unavoidable end at the local Police Station, this book covers fifteen locations where, sooner or later, your PCs will find themselves.

All the plans have been created to be usable in the different eras through which different games expand. In the cases where the change in size or distribution is too big, we offer several versions of the plans for different eras (an office before and after the use of computers, for example).

For every location, some adventure seeds or ideas are included (usually horror or investigation related).

All the plans are unprotected and selectable, so you can copy and paste them into your own documents and handouts!

(You can also buy these plans individually, visit our blog for more information.)

Sub-Urban Home (2pp)
Working Class Home
Adventure seeds in homes

Bank (2pp)
Office (2pp)
Small Police Stn.

Small Library
Small Hotel (3pp)
Gas Stn. and Shop
Bikers' Bar
American Diner
Church (2pp)
Boarding House (2pp)
Games Shop

Squared Grid
Hexagonal Grid