Pirates! (d20)

$ 19.95

On the high seas there is one name that above all else means adventure: Pirates! This supplement explores historical and fantasy pirates, their life and exploits. Included are many pirate prestige classes, from good-natured privateers to deadly raiders and including the undead scourge of the sea. Also included are specific pirate characters, their ships and crew, and a detailed pirate haven suitable as a capstone setting. A new look at the historical world of piracy, merging the factual with the fantastic
Profiles, histories, statistics, and ships for pirates that can be powerful foes or friends
New Feats, prestige classes and magic items appropriated to the Genre
Detailed rules for the economics of crewing and operating a ship
Prices for ship maintenance, trade goods, and shipping and passage fees
Intricate rules for constructing you own custom sailing vessels
Details of a pirate haven that can serve as hideout or target for adventures