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Outgunned: World of Killers

$ 45.00

World of Killers is an expansion for the cinematic action role playing game Outgunned, inspired by John Wick, Kill Bill, Leon, Assassin’s Creed, and Hitman.
In World of Killers, the Players take on the role of heroic killers who must cooperate to carry out an impossible mission.

The setting for World of Killers is dark and dangerous, inhabited by lethal assassins, two-timing cowards, and ruthless members of a secret organization. It’s a society parallel to the one we know, one where luxury and unbridled violence coexist in a decadent union.
It’s the perfect backdrop for adrenaline-packed action adventures, where you’ll need to watch your back and trust nobody.
In this manual you will find:
• 5 New Roles
• 1 Special Role
• 9 Tropes
• Trained Dogs
• Killer Gear
• Hunts and Getaway rules
• The setting of World of Killers
• A Cinematic Campaign ready to play