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Outgunned: Project Medusa

$ 15.00

Project Medusa is the first Mission Dossier for Outgunned.
Mission Dossiers are Mini Cinematic Campaigns that include everything you need to start playing, without any additional set-up: Heroes, Enemies, Villain, and everything else!
Project Medusa is the perfect introduction to outgunned. You don’t need the corebook to play, you can just use the rules available for free in the QuickStart.

Project Medusa is divided into 3 Shots:

Race Against Time: Betrayed by their informer, the Heroes must chase after a plane and sneak on board before it’s too late. The landing will prove even more complicated when everything explodes mid-air.
Race Against Time is the Pilot Shot you can also find in the Outgunned corebook and QuickStart, but I’ll also include it in this Mission Dossier for your convenience.

Unwanted Guests: Once they land in Greece, the Heroes must infiltrate the private event held in the Villain’s villa. After obtaining the information they need, however, the Heroes realize that getting out will be much harder than getting in.

Into the Heart of Medusa: The Heroes find their way into the secret lab to destroy Project Medusa, and must then face off against the Villain in a spectacular showdown.