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Outgunned: Action Flicks

$ 45.00

Action Flicks is a video store of mini-expansions for outgunned, the cinematic role-playing game. It’s a collection of ideas, mechanics, tips, and tools to get straight into the action in ever-changing and surprising contexts.
In this book, you will find 10 Action Flicks:
• Star Raiders: Jump aboard your starship and live out great adventures across the Galaxy.
• Rising Dragon: Become a master of martial arts and fight for what’s right.
• Cloak & Dagger: raw your sword and se off on a journey seeking heroic quests in a romantic era.
• Great Powers: Unleash your superpowers in the fight to protect the World from evil supervillains.
• Weirder Things: Solve the mystery that plagues your town as a teen Hero.
• A Kind of Magic: Unleash the power of your magic and face off against the forces of darkness.
• Killing Aliens: Do your best to survive Predator Aliens and find the strength to hunt them back.
• Ghost Hunters: ace your fears and go on the hunt for mischievous ghosts and petty poltergeists.
• Midnight Wars: Side with humans, vampires, or werewolves in their eternal battle for the night.
• Neon Noir: Pursue the truth on a dark investigation in the streets of a dystopian retrofuture.
In each Action Flick you will find:
• An introduction to the specific sub-genre and its core themes
• Some prompts for your missions
• New Roles and Tropes
• New Enemies and Enemy Feats
• New dedicated mechanics
• A dedicated Hero Sheet
• A Hero ready for action
At the end of the book, you will also find Everything at Once, an extra module to travel across the Multiverse by mixing together several Flicks.

• Additional information on every Nation in the House
• New Historical Characters
• New Equipment
• 3 new Rooms: the Porch, the Kitchen, and the Smaller Bedroom
• 10 Mysteries for you to uncover
• 10 new Contracts
• 3 new Opponents, including the terrible Scorpion
• 6 playable Characters
• 5 new Vocations
• 1 new Animal Companion: The Snail
• 8 Maps for the main cities of the Household