Outbreak: Undead - White Out PDF

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The icy chill surrounds you, the quiet and desolate landscape of the arctic Yukon is shrouded by high winds and blizzards pouring through the glacial valley. Large, hairless dogs were chasing you and your sled dogs throughout the night. Now you, and your dogs are hungry, and you only have a few ounces of gasoline left for the furnace back at camp, what do you do? Can you reach salvation in time?


"White Out" is a snow-based campaign for the Zombie Survival RPG "Outbreak: Undead". In "White Out" you take control of a reasearch team out in the Yukon who suddenly finds they have more on thier plate then just taking samples out in the wild. What will you do? How will you Survive? Your plan will FAIL without Outbreak: Undead.