Open Game Table: The Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs, Volume 2

$ 22.95

Foreword by Justin Achilli. Through the combined efforts of over 70 authors, artists, editors, and fans of RPG blogs - Volume 2 of Open Game Table has finally arrived! Inside you will find timeless interviews with Dave Arneson on the roots of roleplaying games, Robin D. Laws on RPG theory and game play, and Jonathan Roberts on his career as a master cartographer. The gaming community nominated nearly 400 articles for this volume, but the finalist were hand-picked by an independent panel of reviewers, and vetted by an experienced editorial board of RPG bloggers.Included in Volume 2 are over 60 blog articles that serve as the perfect complement to Volume 1: a chapter on playing RPGs with kids, a chapter on lies and mischief at the game table; and numerous articles aimed at gaming advice for campaign and adventure design, sandboxing, story pacing, play styles, and much much more. A true indy-press triumph. About Volume 1,'s GeekDad blog says Volume 1 is "... a treasure trove. A tome worth killing a few orcs for." and "The kind of brain stimulus role players need, diverse and quality content." Bards & Sages Fantasy Review says "Open Game Table, Volume 1 is the reference guide equivalent of a Deck of Many Things, ... you can draw from it again and again." Open Game Table, Volume 2 brings that same level of excellence back to the table, and never misses a roll.