Battletech: NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Vol. 2 PDF

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100,000,000 Dead.
600,000,000 Injured.
80,000,000,000 C-Bills worth of property destroyed.


The Fourth Succession War -- so brilliantly planned, so perfectly executed, and so dramatically announced, has become far more than Hanse Davion ever anticipated. The battles continue, and the toll is huge, the highest in almost 100 years.


Here is told, in strategic terms, the history of the war from January 3029 to January 3030. The campaigns, the tactics, and the battles themselves, compiled from reports by the commanders and MechWarriors who fought them. Learn the planets that changed hands, and why.


Full-color maps depict the movement of forces, battlefield terrain, and the cities and other objectives they fought for. BattleForce statistics are included for 50 key regiments, such as the Genyosha and the Kell Hounds. Hundreds of BattleTech engagements can be generated from these stats using a simple conversion table.


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