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Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition

$ 55.00

I wield the might of gods, the powers of the elements, control over the living and the dead, and yet I cannot tell you my name. It is unknown to me, in a darkened corner of my memory, and I do not know when illumination shall reach me. I awoke in this ancient tomb, a crack in its roof introducing fresh air for the first time in what feels like centuries. At my feet, three broken bodies. I vaguely recall shattering them with my fists, or maybe it was with my roar. They disturbed me; now they are dead. What I know is that gods unimaginable to the rank and file of mortality alternate between
goading, tempting, cajoling, and encouraging me. They want me to wake from my slumber, seek out their vessels of power, and return them to the land of the dead, where I might sleep again.
Mummy: The Curse includes:
● Everything you need to run or play Mummy: The Curse, a game of timeless horror and multiple eras of mystery.
● A deep setting of Iremite history and society, delving into the world of the Arisen and other immortals, sorcerers, and cultists.
● Powers ranging from the cosmic to the subtle, all at the beck and call of this game’s
● A plethora of horrifying foes, from Blood Bathers to Body Thieves, Lifeless Shuankhsen
to chimerical Amkhata, and many more.
● Comprehensive storytelling advice to make Mummy accessible and enthralling to
everyone from their first session. 

Note: Mummy: The Curse is part of the Chronicles of Darkness line. It is a complete core
rulebook. No other books are required.