Mists Of Betrayal (EDR) [Softcover, Color]

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The amulet of finely-wrought silver surely holds potent magics, but without the key to unlocking its powers it's just another piece of pretty jewelry. One man can unravel the talisman's secrets and unleash its hidden forces: Hiermon, Wizard of Haven. Of course, the mage demands a price for his services. A simple errand, but one that will take you into the dark domain of Queen Alachia, the Beautiful and the Terrible, Protector of the Blood Wood and Ruler of All Elvenkind. Thus begins your journey of intrigue and betrayal, a trek that may lead to glory-or death.

Mists of BetrayalTM is an Earthdawn® adventure for three to five Novice adepts of any Discipline.

Requires use of the Earthdawn Revised Player's GuideTM and Game Master's GuideTM (estimated release date Q2/2013). The Revised Edition of Mists of BetrayalTM supersedes the Classic Edition version, previously published by RedBrick LLC in the Earthdawn Adventure CompendiumTM. This Earthdawn® adventure is compatible with Earthdawn Third EditionTM.

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Mists of BetrayalTM
An Earthdawn Revised Edition Adventure
Format: ~6" x 9", Softcover
Interior: 106 pages, Color*