MILFS 2: Monsters I'd Like to F*** (Cardstock Characters) PDF

$ 3.99

Have you ever looked at a particularly alluring female monster your party was facing and thought:

"Man, I'd like to roll d20 to hit that!"

Well, now you can! MILFs are the monsters you would most like to have a random encounter with.

This set of full-color paper miniatures is designed to be compatible with other 25/30mm figures and contains nine different creatures, all scaled to be approximately man-sized. Furthermore, four of these have also been scaled for use as giant-sized creatures.

Miniatures in this set include:

* One alluring Satyress

* One two-headed, quadruple-D babe that has also been scaled for use as an Ettin

* One sexy Snake Demoness scaled at both human and giant sizes

* One eye-catching busty Beholder, provided in both medium and large sizes

* One patchwork Flesh Golemess with parts from a number of sexy sources

* One buxom she-Minotaur, scaled as both a human-sized and giant-sized figure

* One woman as sexy after death as before it that can be used as a Specter or other undead

* One beautiful Centauress

MILFs 2 is part of Skirmisher's Cardstock CharactersTM line of figures that can be downloaded, printed out, and used in many different sorts of games. Other currently-available sets include ones for use with Mutant Future and other post-apocalyptic and science-fiction games; anthropomorphic ducks and pigs inspired by the Quactica wargaming rules; and the "Forbidden Creatures of Foree" line of creatures that some companies have declared off-limits.

We hope you enjoy MILFs 2!