Legacy of Damnation (d20) PDF

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For more than ten centuries, the men of the sealed lands have lived either crushed by the tyranny of infernal masters or in constant war with demonic hordes. That time, the twilight of the Time of Terror, a tremendous mountain range erupted from the earth and trapped the hordes of Hell. On that day the God Illiir chose his val'Assante children and their fledgling empire above all others. Now the covenant forged between the First Emperor of Coryan and the God Illiir has been broken and the wall is impassible no more. Once again the hordes of hell and their descendants are free to roam the world of men. But the greatest risk to Illiir's children may not lie with the armies of the Infernal, but with those men forsaken that day when an Emperor died and an Empire was born.


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