Legacy of Akhirat (d20) PDF

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Created by Nathanael Christen


A generation ago, a horrific battle was fought over a dwarven temple. The orcs, led by the dark adept Akhirat, stormed the temple and killed all of its inhabitants. Setting himself up as ruler, Akhirat bent the surrounding villages to his will until a new dwarf army arrived and vanquished him.


But the legacy of evil is a hard hold to break, and those that reside near the ruined temple have new cause for worry. As Ft. Rollings prepares for its Autumn Festival, dark forces prepare to strike fear and terror into the hearts of its citizens. A group of heroes must confront the forces of evil and remove Akhirat's legacy once and for all.


Legacy of Akhirat is a d20 system adventure designed for 5th-level characters. Designed by Nathanael Christen; Edited by Steven E. Schend; Artwork by Patricio Soler. 44 pages. This is a PDF downloadable title.