Legacies of Oathbound #1 (d20) PDF

$ 5.99

Created by Jim Butler, Thomas Knauss, Todd Laing, Shannon Bennett, and Kevin Melka.

Legacies of Oathbound is a PDF release of additional materials for the Oathbound campaign setting that are individually too small or localized to create standalone products by themselves.

This issue continues to expand the world, offering additional details for the bloodhold of Utopia and an adventure that debuted at last year's Gen Con Game Fair.

Utopia, the one strange exception to the divine rules of the Forge, offers unique challenges to adventurers seeking to unlock the secrets of this world. Enter the bloodhold of the silver Lord Abbydon at your own risk. His followers worship him as a god, and failure to do so means a life of slavery -- or death!

Also included in this issue is Bastion's Gen Con 2003 adventure Save the Trees ... Uh, Thorns, a Plains of Penance adventure for characters level 7th - 9th and comes with pre-generated characters for those looking to introduce new players to the Forge.

Legacies of Oathbound #1 is a 104-page PDF that contains full-color artwork from our first two Oathbound releases, player handouts, pre-generated characters, and additional materials.