Arcanis: Arcanid: In the Shadow of the Devil (d20) PDF

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In the Shadow of the Devil is the second adventure in the Coryani Chronicles, a series of adventures that focus on the Romanesque Coryani Empire. From out of the murky centuries, the dastardly works of betrayal and heresy reveal themselves in a flurry of mysterious omens, theft, bloody murder, and open revolt. For a group of adventurers what began as a simple delivery to a prestigious wedding fast becomes a nefarious web of lies. What is discovered unveils subtle clues and tantalizing conundrums that at first seem unrelated to the objective at hand: the return of the stolen Orb of Saint Meritricus. Delve into the mysterious and exotic League of Princes and uncover the terrible secret of Dhakavaar and the Vale of Shadows.


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