Holy Champions II: The Bearers of Woe (Arcanis) PDF

$ 2.50

Within this mortal coil, imprisoned in a cage of bone and sinew, humanity suffers under an unrelenting assault upon mind, body, and spirit. Those few who have heard the calling of the Suffering Goddess, and have been deemed strong of will and flesh, have taken it upon themselves to provide an example of stoic acceptance of life's pain and to intercede on behalf of those who are not as strong. Known as the Bearers of Woe, these Holy Champions of Anshar struggle to understand the mysteries of their faith; the tormented aspect of their Bleeding Goddess.

This class is easily inserted into any campaign that uses a God of Suffering.

The PDF includes:

* A complete new class, The Bearers of Woe, Paladins dedicated to the God of Suffering
* New spells usable by The Bearers of Woe and other classes including Bards, Clerics, Sorcerers, and Wizards

This class and numerous other base classes are available in the Player's Guide to Arcanis, also available. If you own the Player's Guide to Arcanis, you do not need this product.