Holy Champions I: The Philosophic Warrior (Arcanis) PDF

$ 2.50

Althares, the God of Knowledge, tasked His chosen champions to quest and learn all there was to learn, to seek out all there was to know. With each piece of information rediscovered, the Book of Knowledge is slowly being written. When it is completed, all the secrets of the multiverse will be laid open and the Paradise of the Gods and the realm of Man will become one.

This class is easily inserted into any campaign that uses a God of Knowledge.

The PDF includes:

* A complete new class, The Order of the Philosophic Warrior, Paladins dedicated to the God of Knowledge
* New spells usable by The Order of the Philosophic Warrior and other classes including Bards, Clerics, Sorcerers, and Wizards

This class and numerous other base classes are available in the Player's Guide to Arcanis, also available. If you own the Player's Guide to Arcanis, you do not need this product.