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Glory 2nd Edition

$ 57.00

Earn the most glory in the least amount of time by helping towns with their quests, fighting aberrations, and encountering fates. You will not get in the way of other heroes. Instead, you spur each other on. For: the further along other players are, the more daring you must be to keep up.

Choose between 9 heroes with different dry-erase character boards.

But everyone is the same in this respect: no guts, no glory!

Roll and move adventure. Pick up quests, buy goods. Friendly competition with other players - everyone's a good guy out to help towns and defeat monsters.

Win condition is 20 points of glory- by questing, winning battles, and fate. General play is constituted by how you spend your time, estimating whether you can take on battles, and taking appropriate risks depending on the situation of other players.


90 minute, RPG-style board game.

1-4 Players