Forbidden Kingdoms - Paris: The Spectral City PDF

$ 8.00

In the dark there are things that man should never see and in the dim shroud that encompasses Paris these things make their presence known. Even at the height of noon the haunted city is cloaked in a penumbra, casting a gloomy shadow over the shifting pattern of the metropolis. Faintly the sounds of music can be heard over the din of the crowd, almost as if the ethereal denizens are holding Carnival in the heart of capital. Where once the mighty walked, they do so again. Souls trapped in a precarious balance between our world and Theirs. The orchestra is set at the base of the Arc de Triomphe, the time is right for you to journey to the city of Eternal Night. Wonâ€TMt you join us for a dance?

This product is a great addition to any Victorian or SteamPunk game!