For the Lesser Gods (Arcanis) PDF

$ 5.99

Long have the tales come down from the Hinterlands - wild stories of black-clad sorcerers in tasseled hoods, the mighty order of the Ehtzara. Although the price is high, these mystics command fear and respect as well as the dim sentience that flows through the whole of the Hinterlands. Through this power the Ehtzara compel man, nature and otherworldly powers alike to do their bidding. Despite a road fraught with dangers, ghoulish legends, and the warnings of pious men, this bargain has proven too seductive, and even now you tread the path toward one of these pagan adepts to apply for apprenticeship. Within is the highly-anticipated path for PCs to become a member of the mysterious order of the Ehtzara. This adventure is also suitable for adaptation for any campaign with a secret cabal of sinister workers of magic.