Fantastic Races: The Arak (4e) PDF

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In the language of the Arak, the word "arak" means "the First." This is the source of their pride, their noble carriage and their isolation.

According to the other races of the world, the Arak are little more than blue-skinned barbarians who live in the outskirts of the world. If during a conversation with an Arak you were to call him a barbarian, he would probably snort and mutter, "What do you know? You are but a simple T'endrak." Unless you spoke Araki, the fact that you had just been given the worst insult that one of the Arak can utter would be lost on you. If you did speak it, you'd know that he had just called you "a Second."

That is the core of the Arak worldview. You are either one of the Arak, or you are just a Second...simple, foolish and one of the lost.

Play an Arak if you want . . .

* to be a member of a race proud of your ancient heritage.
* to be tough and wise.
* to strike your enemies with the skill of the expert hunter.
* to be a member of a race that favors the barbarian, ranger, shaman and warden classes.