Evil Intent Boardgame

$ 10.00

You're an Evil Genius. And the world should be yours. You need it - crave it. So, you gather your resources and begin your evil scheme. But, who are these other people? They dare call themselves Evil Geniuses? Oh well. You have plenty of ways to Thwart them along the way. ...wait. Now Secret Agents are getting in the way. Hmm. Maybe this will be harder than anticipated.

Take over the world as an Evil Genius! You'll steal and kidnap what you need to fulfill your evil scheme. While you send your Henchmen around the world to gather up Opportunities, you can direct your Minions in your Lair to support them. Your secret Scheme tells you what Opportunities will help you succeed. But be careful, all the other players are just as ruthless and will stop at nothing to have the world for their own!