Egyptian Gods (d20) PDF

$ 5.99

By Steven Creech and Kevin Ruesch


The Egyptian gods have long been the subject of numerous books and even greater legends. They are perhaps some of the oldest and best-documented gods known to modern man with treatises dating back to the days of pre-Christianity. The Egyptian lands are filled with all manner of lore and superstition regarding the favor and wrath of the gods. Now these gods have been translated into gaming terms to enhance your campaign and provide new elements to incorporate into your world with five new prestige classes, new domains, spells, magical artifacts, and new monsters.


Third in the continuing Lore of the Gods series, this download follows on the heels of the highly acclaimed Norse Gods (a free download) and the first book in the series, Greek Gods.


Photography by Michael Nickovich; edited by Steven Schend. 64 pages, full-color.


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