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Doomtown Reloaded Rulebook

$ 9.99

You got to know when to hold ‘em, and know when to draw your six-gun and get to blastin’!

This highly-detailed rulebook expands and explains all the game’s rules, including card types, actions, and how to gently convince your rivals into doing things your way. The disagreeable sorts can take a long nap in Boot Hill instead.

Doomtown: Reloaded is the follow-up game to the best-selling, award-winning Doomtown card game. This book requires the Doomtown: Reloaded base set to play.

This rulebook is also included in the Doomtown product, There Comes A Reckoning. This is the most up to date full print run of this rulebook. For the most up to date rulings and adjustments, please visit http://pineboxentertainment.com/resources/