Doom Striders (d20) PDF

$ 9.99

by Sam Witt


Catapults and ballistae are the weapons of yesterday’s armies, impersonal tools of warfare that were imprecise and whose loyalties depended on the crews manning them. Doom Striders presents a new type of weapon designed for more heroic play styles and face-to-face encounters. Whether you’re looking for a weapon to throw at your opponents in the next mass combat encounter, or an effective offense against a dragon guarding its horde, you’ll find something within the pages of Doom Striders. At their heart, doom striders are magical constructs whose purposes are limited only by the imagination of their creators. Wizards and sorcerers craft them as weapons of war or as a safeguard to privacy; clerics can build them as monuments of faith and might; warriors might seek to lead one into the thickest of combats. The choice is yours...


128 pages, black & white illustrations.


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