Domains at War: Hardcover Compendium

$ 45.00

Domains at War™ brings the full sweep of fantasy warfare to tabletop gaming and role-playing campaigns. The Domains at War Complete Set offers three interlocking systems to cover the full sweep of military struggles in a fantasy, ancient, or medieval world:
• A quick mass combat rule system for use in any role-playing game that uses concepts like hit points and armor class
• A comprehensive campaign toolkit for use in ongoing games, fully compatible with the Adventurer Conqueror King System's rules for mercenaries, strongholds, magic, and rulership
• A fast-playing tactical wargame derived from these systems, so that playing a battle generates outcomes like what you'd get if you fought it out on the one-on-one roleplaying scale
This hardcover compendium includes everything from the Domains at War: Battles and Domains at War: Campaigns rulebooks.
Domains at War is designed for Autarch's best-selling Adventurer Conqueror King System™, but is compatible with any fantasy RPG system that uses twenty-sided dice and shares concepts like hit points and armor class. If your tabletop gaming would benefit from the vivid drama and agonizing choices of warfare, Domains at War is designed for you.