Diomin: To Save a Nation (RuneQuest) PDF

$ 4.99

To Save a Nation is an introductory adventure set in the world of Diomin for 4 to 7 beginning RuneQuest characters of good alignment and heroic disposition.

This adventure is an introduction to both players and Game Masters to the wondrous world of Diomin - a land where magic is real and the Gods play an active part in the lives of mortals.

The adventure begins at the docks of the Tirasim capital of Arioch and ends in the forests of the Arak, blue-skinned barbarians with an extreme dislike of trespassers. Players begin the adventure as hirelings, and come face to face with powers and people beyond their wildest imaginations as they quest for the lost sword Kammerath. They will confront the foul Gadianti, explore mysteries long thought answered, and bring hope to a nation.

In the end, they will become heroes.

Requires the use of the RuneQuest Core Rulebook published by Mongoose Publishing.