Diomin: State of the Nations (d20) PDF

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These pages display the portrait of a young world experiencing the first blush of true, continent-wide politics. Since the Gods War there have been many conflicts, but these have always been isolated, between two countries, never involving the others. For the first time in the history of the world, the six major nations of Diomin (first detailed in the Diomin Worldbook) are beginning to rub elbows with more than just their immediate neighbors. The first trade treaties are being drafted, ambassadors are being sent, and spies are finding greater employment. It is a dynamic time, one rife with potential conflict. And the slightest wrong move could set the whole of the world on fire.

Read on. Discover what makes the nations unique. Learn how they feel about the others... and how the others react to them. Take on the roles of the Gadianti Robber and the Hearthom Trader, and then look at the world with new eyes. Most of all, watch your back friend, for not everyone is what they appear to be.

96 pages