Demon Dice: A Few Parts More

$ 5.00

Parts is parts...Demons are suffering wholesale slaughter on the surface world, so Hell's recycling center is swamped with demon parts! Your job, as Demon Creation Specialist, Junior Grade is to use those parts to make a better fiend - and maybe earn yourself a promotion. Put a shell on some legs, add a tentacle or two, hand the thing an axe or a whip and send it out to do some battle with demons made by other Demon Creation Specialists. May the best demon win! In the original Demon Dice game, we packed 26 random dice (enough for 2 - 4 players) and a rules booklet. In this no-frills booster pack you will find enough random parts for a single 13-die monster, ready to fight as is or to be disassembled and recombined with dice from other packs. And to sweeten the pot, we hacked apart some perfectly good Noble House Fiends and dropped a special Noble House Fiend promotional die in each booster box! You've heard the buzz. Now's your chance to buy in cheap and stack them deep!