Dementalism Expansion 03: Flop, Slop, & Sop

$ 14.95

Things are getting out of control around here. Those wandering clones are still doing their thang, aimlessly meandering about, waiting for you to round them up so you won't get fired or fed to anything. The thing is, now they've entered the burg (some of them, anyway) and they're populating the digs and whatnot. This BRILLIANT expansion to the Dementalism game introduces brand new DIGS cards. These guys alter the very fabric of reality, influencing the way the game is played for everyone. Do you have the NOGGIN to match wits with Oith's greatest dementalists, or should I call your mommy so she can come kiss your boo boos? That's what I thought...

May be played on its own or added to the Dementalism: An Ingenious Game of Ingenious Ingeniousness deck and other Dementalism expansions.