Countdown: Operation Winter Kill (d20) PDF

$ 6.00

The Countdown Series presents intense, high drama missions with the urgency of the television show "24" and the creativity of a Bond movie. As this mission begins, an experimental U.S. aircraft has gone down over Antarctica. Was the plant shot down, or did the weather cause the crash? Only once you brave the Winter Kill can you find out!

In this Mission Pack, PCs take the role of soldiers sent to the Antarctic to complete a two-fold operation:

1. Find and rescue any surviving pilots.
2. Discover the cause of the crash and deal with any foreign powers.

Both missions must be completed within 24 hours or the weather will kill any survivors and greatly increase the likelyhood of enemy nations discovering the downed aircraft.

This Mission Pack is a challenging adventure for use with D20 Modern. Players must use all of their skills and wits to survive one of the most inhospitable climates in the world!

This product includes:

· A detailed 32 page adventure complete with time frames and plot movers.
· Four pregenerated Delta Force characters so you can get into the action at the drop of a hat.

48 pages