Countdown: Operation Dead Drop (d20) PDF

$ 6.00

"The unthinkable has happened. You have 24 hours to save the world."

The Countdown Series presents intense, high drama missions with the urgency of the television show "24" and the creativity of a Bond movie. As the adventure begins, Saddam Hussein has announced to the world that the Republic of Iraq is now a nuclear power, with a missile aimed at Israel. To further safeguard his interests, Hussein has taken a group of foreign nationals hostage, including 5 American citizens.

In this Mission Pack, PCs take the role of agents sent into Iraq to complete a two-fold operation:

1. Rescue all hostages, and neutralize all Iraqi military personnel encountered.
2. Assassinate Saddam Hussein and thereby prevent him from launching the missile.

Both missions must be completed within 24 hours or the missile will launch. If Saddam gets word of the hostage rescue, the missile will launch. Israel has also informed the Bush Administration that if Iraq launches, Israel will respond in kind.

This Mission Pack™ is a challenging adventure for use with D20 Modern®. Players must pit all their skills and wits against the Butcher of Baghdad in a desperate attempt to save the world!

This product includes:

· Maps and satellite imagery from the CIA and State Department!
· A detailed 32 page adventure complete with time frames and plot movers!
· Six pregenerated Delta Force characters that let you get into the action at the drop of a hat!

32 pages.