Cold Visitor (d20) PDF

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Fans of the classic and 80's remake horror film, "The Thing," will have a field day in this fantasy d20 version. Cold Visitor is a D20 adventure for a party of 4-6 PCs of levels 6-8. This adventure can be used any time the characters under take any type of dimensional travel, such as portals or teleport spells. The assumed introduction is that the characters are traveling through a portal where things are very much in the gray, intrigue is more common than oxygen, the world is always on the brink of world-shattering events and heroes are truly heroes. The PCs trip is sidetracked onto the planar bubble called Praegelidus. The party members will be asking themselves: Who can you trust when you can't trust anyone? This can be used as a solo adventure or as the start of a Devil's Workshop campaign series.


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