Arcanis: City of Secrets: The Adventurer's Guide to Nishanpur (PDF)

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An Adventurer's Guide to Nishanpur

"Nishanpur is not a city built of stone, instead it is built of intrigues and betrayals, layer upon layer, all set in a foundation of blood." -Losknek, Prince of Hell

Nothing is simple in the City of Secrets. With the Swords of Nier in control of the city, a great unrest has settled over the population. The authoritarian regime of the Swords is beginning to destroy the commerce that has always been the lifeblood of the city.

While the citizenry suffers, the Nerothians, dark servants of the Lord of Death, scheme to overthrow the Autocrat of Erduk and return Nishanpur to Canceri rule. To this end they have found unlikely allies with the Seekers of the Hidden Master, devil-dealing Sarishans intent upon returning the dreaded and ancient Devil-Kings to their place of power. If left unchecked, this benighted coalition will bring forth a new abomination unto the world, and replace the foreign tyrant with an even greater evil.

Within this book one will find:

* A rich and detailed history of Nishanpur, from its birth in blood to the modern day
* Details of the many orders, both secret and overt, which wrestle for control of this city of intrigue
* A detailed city guide including maps, perfect for running boundless adventures within Nishanpur's walls
* New spells
* New magic items
* New prestige classes
* Monsters that bring the horrors of Canceri home
* A guide to playing Nishanpur with Living Arcanis players
* A complete Living Arcanis adventure suitable for playing at home

Living Arcanis approved material inside.

This product originally appeared in print in July 2004. This PDF was created from the orginal source files rather than being scanned is completely bookmarked.