Battue: Walls of Tarsos Expansion

$ 24.99

Tarsos runs red with blood as the Horse Lords struggle to become the first to sit on the Golden Throne. The fighting intensifies as the Roma launch their counter attacks and ribal leaders contend with each other to become the Khan of Khans.


Battue: Walls of Tarsos is an expansion for Battue: Storm of the Horse Lords. Inside you will find additional components that make the game even more challenging. The rules of Battue remain the same – but now you have new obstacles to overcome, new tactics to employ, and new rewards to capture on your quest for total victory.


All of Red Juggernaut’s games are set in the World of Terris, a world in which anyone can perform enchantments and magical rituals, where dwarves are violent, cruel raiders who embrace their role as godslayers and the fey posses magical powers that the other races can only marvel at. Every new game includes information about this fully fleshed out world, so fans will look forward to discovering more details in every release!


Contains· 8 Event Cards· 13 Loot Cards· 6 Warrior tokens· 8 Wall tiles· 4 Tower tiles· 4 Gate tiles· 13 Interior tiles