Battue: Storm of the Horse Lords Boardgame

$ 49.99

Rooted in the World of Terris, a brutal, dark fantasy setting envisioned by authors Robin Laws and Scott Hungerford, Battue: Storm of the Horse Lords is a strategy board game in which players take control of a horde of Horse Lords bent on looting Tarsos, the City of Brass Pillars. This strategy game is easy-to-learn, fast-playing, fun, and keeps players involved in the game even when it’s not their turn. The player who manages to control the choicest sections of the city and has the most loot at the end of the game is the winner. Further expansions will introduce new rules and options as well as allow additional players to join the game.


* 1 Game Board
* 52 City Tiles
* 60 Horse Lord Tokens
* 40 Flag Tokens
* 60 Loot Cards
* 20 Event Cards
* 2 Dice
* 1 Full-Color Rulebook