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Battlelords of the 23rd Century for Savage Worlds: Carnage Companion

$ 40.00

 Ready to pick up a pre-made Wild Card and start playing Battlelords for Savage Worlds with your friends?  Already have a Wild Card, but you want more of that awesome Battlelords gear and a set of wheels? Maybe your Wild Card has been around the block and they’re looking for some new Edges or Hindrances?  No matter what you’re looking for in your Savage Battlelords game, we’ve got you covered with the Carnage Companion. The Carnage Companion includes: 4 teams of ready-to-play archetype characters. 50 characters total!  Mercenary Team. Galactic Armed Forces Team. Pirate Crew. Corporate Spies. 72 New Edges & 17 Hindrances (Many of these are species-specific). 11 new weapon systems (53 new weapons total). 22 new suits of armor and 60+ new armor options. 31 vehicles, including 11 suits of mecha-like ultra armor! “If you’re not excessive, then you’re never really sure.”-Warmonger, CEO & Cybernetic Ram Python