Arcanis: Cradle of Empires

$ 49.99

The Blessed Lands is a region swathed in mystery and legend. The birthplace of four ancient empires that rose and fell, it is a land many races revere as the holiest of holies, while others covet the lost secrets and artifacts yet uncovered.

At the heart of this region is a gigantic plateau called the Great Mound or Mount Dagha, upon which the capitols of these four great empires once existed, each built upon the bones of the former: the ancient capital of the lost Issori Empire, Yahsremore the center of the reptilian ssethrics brutal domain, Belestor, the elegant home of the elorii, and finally, the First City of the Human Imperium. As each one fell, the conquerors would raze the old and build anew upon its foundations.

But the true secrets of this hoary place lay within the labyrinthine tunnels that honeycomb the interior of the Mound. The deeper one descends,  the further back in time one goes and greater dangers and riches can be found.

The Cradle of Empires is a 128 page, softback sourcebook describing the people, places and cultures of the Blessed Lands and the First City. Within its pages you’ll find an extensive history on the region, which touches upon all the major events and civilizations. You’ll discover new religions, new organizations, new rules and who the movers and shakers are in this key metropolis.