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Adorable Monsters Card Game

$ 20.00

Terrifying, maniacal, eight-legged… cuddly?! You’ve always yearned to have the scariest, most powerful pet monster by your side. Now you’re finally ready to achieve your dreams by creating a monster so heinous, just a four-word description will make even the most steadfast of men quake with fear… but you’re not the only one. Competing pet monster creators are working on their own beasts, and aren’t above sabotaging your monster with adorable features or an awkward waddle. Can you overcome their insufferable meddling to craft the most terrifying of monsters? Find out in Adorable Monsters!

Each player is dealt a hand of 7 adjective cards and draws 2 monster cards. Each player selects which monster to use and places that monster face up ion the table. You can only play adjectives that match the colors on your monster card. All players simultaneously make their monsters scarier by placing scary adjective cards on the table next to their monster. Once everyone has played their scary adjectives on their monster, everyone draws back up to 7 adjective cards.

During their turn, a player can challenge any other player to a Scare Off. The scariness of each player's monster is the number of scary adjective cards displayed next to their monster card. The winner of the Scare Off takes the losing player's monster card as a victory point, and does not daw any cards. The loser of the Scare Off draws 2 new monster cards, chooses 1, and draws back up to 10 adjective cards.

The first player to collect 3 victory points (opponents' monster cards) wins the game!