Battletech: 20 Year Update PDF

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The Fourth Succession War was a victory for the Federated Suns.


The War of 3039 was a fiasco.


Now a new generation of Inner Sphere leaders are coming of age, inheriting the promises and the vendettas of their elders.


A new Marik commands the Free Worlds League. Theodore Kurita gains more and more power at the expense of his own father. The marriage between Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner has successfuly borne fruit. The Capellan Confederation is no longer under the leadership of a madman.


But things never go smoothly in the Inner Sphere. Will the fledgling Federated Commonwealth survive the coming decade or will it collapse under pressures from within and without? Can the Capellan Confederation regain its strength before the Davions decide to finish what they started 20 years ago? Can Theodore Kurita drag the Draconis Combine into the modern day without losing his own life?


The BattleTech 20-Year Update advances the storyline of the universe up to the year 3050 and provides an inside look at the next generation of heroes and villains.


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