Crimson Skies Rules Pack

$ 7.95

Crimson Skies is an action-packed collectable miniatures game of aerial dogfights and barroom brawls in an aviation-dominated alternative America. In the Crimsion Skies world, the United States shattered in 1930 under the crushing weight of the Great Depression. In the present day of 1937, nearly 20 separate countries feud where once stood the greatest nation the world had ever known.


Airplane security is the secon-largest growth industry in the new economy-second, that is , to air piracy! The skies erupt in fire and steel as air pirates, independent security forces, and nation-state militia air forces seek victory in the new, blue frontier.

The Crimson Skies:Air Action game captures the thrilling dogfights between the air forces of the fractured American States, the visious air pirates, and the independent security teams.

The Crimsion Skies: Aces game pits top piolits and their allies against one another on the ground and in the air battles of guts, courage and pulp fiction derring-do.

Each plastic figure comes prepaintes and fully assembled. All the game information needed to play each figure is on that figure's unique combat dial, so the Crimson Skies game has no cumbersome rulebooks or complex record-keeping!