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Posted by jsearcy on 2009/10/15 10:50:21 (1987 reads)

New Releases Available!

REB20001 Realms of Cthulhu (Savage Worlds) $39.99.
Whether you seek action and adventure battling cultists in sun-drenched jungle temples, a shadowy mileu of dark words and impossible deeds, or a twisted mixture dredged up from the darkest recesses of imagination and nightmare, you will find the rules you need and the inspiration you desire within these pages.

One Overwhelming Truth
Behind every legend, every catastrophe, and every great act of evil throughout and before recorded history, is the secret knowlege that shatters men's minds like fragile glass- the dark influence of alien gods and powers beyond mortal comprehension, things man was not meant to know and things that your investigator must now face.

Infinite Opportunities for Adventure
Use Mysteries of Dark Manor or any of the other included Mythos Tales to begin your journey down the road to madness immediately, or use the Mythos Tale and Creature Generators to create whole new adventures of your own.

3EG003 Demon Codex: Lochs (API) $19.99.
Swim with Fallen Overlords
We were shoved from our thrones and poisoned with horrible magic called the Contagion. We left Domainya in search of a cure and found help on Earth, but the Loch Spandrels have been taken over by beings far worse than us. Should we ignore the cries for help? And if we do... how long can we stand it?

In a Fight to Reclaim their Power
Demon Codex: Lochs is the first racial sourcebook for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. It is a complete guide for players and GMs to the Lochs and other newly introduced aquatic races. Details on the Loch culture, their struggle with lost power and fall from grace, their research into the Half-Loch phenomenon, and their calling to return await within.

Demon Codex: Lochs Includes
- Information on all the aspects of Loch existence on Earth and in Domainya
- New Passions, Gifts and Drawbacks, and Aquatic Magic
- Playable Aquatic Races, including the power hungry Voltics and the Scryers, creators of the Contagion

RGG1030 Foundation Transmissions (Thousand Suns) $12.99.



The Encyclopedia Galactica Foundation, more commonly known simply as
the Foundation, is neither an organ of the State nor a great
commercial enterprise. Established shortly after the signing of the
Concord, the Foundation produces an encyclopedia of all knowledge,
selling it to eager readers throughout the Thousand Suns. Here is your
chance to read a sampling of the innumerable articles Foundation
researchers produce each standard year.


The Foundation's mission is an important one: collect data, document
it, and codify it for the betterment of all species. This latest
regular update to the Encyclopedia continues that mission by providing
information on many topics of interest, including

* The Aurigan: A new alien species/encounter * Moving Through the
Ranks -- Military Ranks in Thousand Suns
* Custom Weapons
* Custom Protection
* A Spacefarer: Introduction to Lingua Terra
* The Ways of Scheming
* Robots
* Guide to the Core Worlds

These articles are ready for immediate download to all subscribers of
the Encyclopedia Galactica.


Posted by jsearcy on 2009/9/28 13:59:14 (1969 reads)

New Releases Available!

S2P10600 Weird War II $34.99.
Weird War II contains everything you need to run horrific World War II adventures with the Savage Worlds game system: new powers, Edges, Hindrances, weapons, vehicles for all the major powers, an Adventure Generator, dozens of Savage Tales, new monsters, and an operational-scale Plot Point Campaign that ties it all together.

S2P20002 Sticks & Stones Card Game $19.99.
Sticks & Stones: A Prehistoric Card Game That Will Leave You Speechless
You are at the Dawn of Humanity, struggling for survival and dominance in the land of Lur. Granted, a mighty Dino sapiens warrior might not have to struggle hard to beat a puny Homo sapiens cave nerd, but that's the breaks. Assemble your Clan of Homo sapiens, Dino sapiens, Neanderthals, or Troglodytes. To win, you'll have to use everything you've got: shamanic powers, mighty beasts, brutal weapons, cunning inventions, shiny rocks, diplomatic grunts, threatening stares, and more! Just remember - no talking!
Sticks & Stones is a 2-4 player card game romp through a prehistory that time forgot.

PYN0906 Peryton Fantasy RPG $19.99.
This revised edition of the Peryton Fantasy Roleplaying Game is a complete system with a full selection of classes, monsters, spells, and treasures, featuring both old favorites and new creations. It also includes an improvisation guide with all the material you need for several instant adventures. Add pencils, paper, dice, and a few friends and you're ready to go!

Posted by jsearcy on 2009/8/29 16:28:23 (3091 reads)

Bennies now Available for Several Savage Worlds Settings

Bennies are now available for purchase for several Savage Worlds settings. The below setting specific chips are now available.
Savage Worlds Bennies (20 Chips) $14.99
Deadlands: Reloaded Fate Chips (40 Chips) $29.99
Weird War II Bennies (21 Chips) $14.99
Solomon Kane Bennies (20 Chips) $14.99
Daring Tales of Adventure Bennies (20Chips) $14.99
Sundered Skies Bennies (20 Chips) $14.99
Necropolis Bennies (20 Chips) $14.99
Hellfrost Bennies (20 Chips) $14.99

Posted by jsearcy on 2009/7/23 20:12:09 (2470 reads)

The Day After Ragnarok Now Available Online

Atomic Overmind Press has signed an agreement with Studio 2 Publishing to release The Day After Ragnarok (Savage Worlds) through Studio 2 into distribution and retail stores later this year. Consumers can buy copies now here. The PDF is available here.

Posted by jsearcy on 2009/6/8 16:07:52 (2006 reads)

Third Eye Games Releases Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. RPG!

Third Eye Games has signed an agreement with Studio 2 Publishing to distribute their products. The first release from Third Eye Games is the Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. role playing game. Other scheduled supplements include API Worldwide: Canada and Demon Codex: Lochs. You can order your copy of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. here or the PDF here.

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. has acted in the shadows, protecting humanity and the Earth from supernatural threats since the Black Plague. They have their hands in almost every facet of human life and have personally stopped the world from ending more times than one would guess.

With their technological advancements and pacts with demon races, they equip their agents with the tools they need to fight against the end times. The supernatural underworld is filled with magic, demons, and cybernetics, but their existence is unknown to the everyday person. That is API's job after all.

Posted by jsearcy on 2009/5/14 20:59:06 (2348 reads)

Hucksters & Hexes is Back in Print!

As part of the effort to bring fans of the Classic Deadlands the books that have been out of print for years we now have Hucksters & Hexes back in print. Get your copy here.

Posted by jsearcy on 2009/5/8 21:27:30 (2066 reads)

Skirmisher Publishing's Products Now Available at Studio 2 Publishing

Skirmisher Publishing products are now available through the Studio 2 Publishing store. Here is a complete listing of all the PDFs and physical products that are available from Skirmisher Publishing.

Posted by jsearcy on 2009/4/8 7:20:58 (2207 reads)

Third World Games Signs with Studio 2

Third World Games has signed a distribution and sales contract with Studio 2 Publishing. Now you can get all the Third Worlds Games from Studio 2 Publishing!

The Testimony of Jacob Hollow $19.95 Each player plays a character who has become embroiled in the mysteries of the once-tranquil town of Castle Bay. Your objective is to survive horrible encounters and frightening locations as you search for clues to uncovering the mystery. Be the first player to gain 10 Investigation Points or be the last one alive in the town, and you win.

Battle of the Bands: Encore Edition $17.95 Battle of the Bands: Encore Edition calls upon 120 cards for your base Battle of the Bands games. It features all 105 cards from the main set, the 5 promotional cards and 10 new cards never seen before! The game includes 4 dice and you can directly include your Backstage Pass cards for up to 6 players!

Battle of the Bands: Backstage Pass $9.95 Backstage Pass adds 60 cards to Battle of the Bands. One sizable addition is the gender specification of band members. The Androgyny card can help you reverse the gender of the target bandmember. Donnette, the cute back-up singer, is worth a 4 instead of a 1 if she is part of an all girl band.

This expansion is necessary to play a 5 or 6 player game of Battle of the Bands or "Battle of the Bands encore edition"

Portable Adventures: Lair of the Rat King $9.95 Humorous fantasy card game where the object is to be the first to acquire 7 Adventure Points. You have Me Characters, Characters, Encounters, Stuff, Adventures, and Events cards. Can be combined with other Portable Adventures sets to make it even more humorous.
The invasion of the ratling horde threatens the kingdom of men, their only hope is a dominatrix fairy, a really peeved minotaur, the egocentric elven prince and you!

Portable Adventures: 8th Grade $9.95 Humorous card game set in Junior High where the object is to be the first to acquire 7 Adventure Points. You have Me Characters, Characters, Encounters, Stuff, Adventures, and Events cards. Can be combined with other Portable Adventures sets to make it even more humorous.

You got your fake ID, the hall monitor has the pepper spray, the cute new girl has the lip gloss, and the twitchy kid has the frozen pizza...which will it be, the slumber party or the rumble?!!

Firestorm Tactical Card Game Booster Pack $3.29 The Firestorm is a mysterious gateway to other worlds and dimensions, in this galaxy and in others. No one is sure of the Firestorm's origin or of how to unlock its secrets. Many races and individuals have plumbed its depths throughout history, but none of them have done more than scratch the surface. Any given pathway traveled could lead to unimagined riches, unbelievable knowledge, or terrible destruction. Do you have the resources and ingenuity to unlock the secrets of the Firestorm?

Posted by jsearcy on 2009/2/16 12:37:24 (1999 reads)

2009 Studio 2 Publishing Catalog and new Triple Ace Games PDFs Available!

2009 Studio 2 Publishing Catalog $FREE
The brand new 2009 Studio 2 Publishing Catalog is available as a free PDF download here. The 2009 Catalog features 36 full color pages listing all the Studio 2 clients and their products.

Necropolis 2350 PDF $24.99
Necropolis 2350 is a sci-fi horror setting set in the 24th century. In these dark days, mankind, divided into two main camps, stands on the brink of extinction. The PDF is available here.

Tabletop Heroes: Age of Piracy - Pirates PDF $6.99
Triple Ace Games brings you Tabletop Heroes: Age of Piracy - Pirates now in the standard tri-fold format. A fantastic set of 25 figure flats including hardened pirate captains, saucy pirate girls and a cutt throat pirate crew. The PDF is available here.

Tabletop Heroes: Age of Piracy - British Sailors PDF $6.99
Triple Ace Games brings you Tabletop Heroes: Age of Piracy - British Sailors in the standard tri-fold format. A great set of 25 figure flats from highly disciplined officers, hardened marines and jolly jack tars! Each character has full Savage Worlds character stats to help the GM to bring their pirates adventure to life! The PDF is available here.

Tabletop Heroes: Age of Piracy - Undead PDF $6.99
Triple Ace Games brings you Tabletop Heroes: Age of Piracy - Undead in the standard tri-fold format. A great brand new set of ghostly figure flats from skeletal pirate captains to rotten fleshed crew! Each character has full Savage Worlds character stats to help the GM to bring their pirates adventure to life! The PDF is available here.

Daring Tales of Adventure #09 PDF $6.99
When a scientific mission to a previously unexplored island off the South American coast goes missing, it is up to the brave and fearless heroes to come to the rescue! The PDF is available here.

Daring Tales of Chivalry #03 PDF $6.99
In an ancient land lie dark secrets!

Our heroic retinue has arrived in the marshy land of East Anglia. It seems to be gripped by a permanent winter that has made the local marsh people turn to the pagan gods hoping they can return the true order of the seasons.The PDF is available here.

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